EA Exec Neil Young Leaves For iPhone Game Start-Up Ngmoco

imageLess than two weeks ago, Neil Young said he was leaving Electronic Arts (NSDQ: ERTS), and this week, Newsweek and others are reporting that he’s popping up at San Francisco-based ngmoco, which is short for “Next-Generation Mobile Company” (we are partial to the name because it also has “moco” in it). The big concept is that it will create games specifically for the iPhone. On a more granular level, Young said that means: “I want customers to feel like there’s somebody out there that’s building games, that’s financing games, that’s helping games get made that take advantage of what the device does really well, and gets beyond porting a PSP game or a DS game…The iPhone is a unique device, right? It has a camera in it. It will be a 3G phone. It will have GPS. It has a touch screen. It has accelerometers. It’s got good graphics performance. It’s got all your media on there. My instinct is, the type of games that will make people want to buy more iPhones or more devices of that class are the types of things that really showcase the capabilities and bring what we know as game designers together with what Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) has delivered as a platform to create compelling and exciting new experiences.”

VentureBeat reports that Young was one of the rock star game development executives who was responsible for top-selling games, such as The Lord of the Rings titles to