NTV Demos the Zv

The ZvBox is one of the many contenders looking to bring Internet content to your TV set. It basically turns your oldteevee into a remote desktop that lets you watch anything from PC on your TV (see our previous coverage).

But instead of just reading about it, let Brian Mahony, Zv’s vice president of marketing, give you a quick demo of the Zv in action:

Because the demo PC at the show didn’t have Netflix or the plug-in to watch a streaming HD version of something like Lost installed, it’s tough to get a complete first impression. Content from Hulu looked blocky, and the remote with the trackpad built in seemed to be a little flaky, but from the looks of it, the service does what it says it will.

Having a box that can get anything off your PC and isn’t tied to specific content relationships definitely has its appeal, unlike iTunes, for instance, which doesn’t have The Office after NBC pulled it from the service. But Zv’s $499 price point still seems steep and probably won’t get me to cut my cable quite yet.