ScreenSteps Builds Show-and-Tell Documentation

ScreenshotScreenSteps is a desktop application (available for both OS X and Windows) designed to make it easy to document processes that take place in a step-by-step fashion. After installing ScreenSteps, you can create a library of lessons; each lesson is made up of steps, and each step can have a screenshot and explanatory text. The application includes built-in image capture and annotation tools, and lets you apply tags to create some organization in the library.

ScreenSteps comes in Standard ($39.95) and Pro ($59.95) versions; both can export to HTML, but Pro adds the capability of exporting whole sets of lessons as HTML or PDF manuals. Both versions can work with ScreenSteps Live, a web service that hosts your steps and allows JavaScript integration for online help in your own web applications. If your documentation needs are fairly lightweight and you don’t have a dedicated help person on your staff, ScreenSteps is a low-friction way to get started.