Sony mylo2 update adds direct YouTube recording, uploading

Sony_mylo2_videocamI’ll come clean here: when Sony introduced the mylo line of personal communicators, my "mobile-tech meter" didn’t even register a beat. I couldn’t figure out if Sony was trying to get into the Sidekick business without a cellular radio or what. Now I’m having second thoughts on the device because software updates are enabling the hardware in more ways than I expected.

Pocketables highlights the latest upgrade, version 1.201, mainly due to the addition of direct YouTube support. You can record QVGA vids and get ’em right up on YouTube using the built in WiFi found in the mylo. Jenn has a sample recording she captured with her mylo: ironically, it’s a video of the Nokia Internet Tablet. Yup, that’s a far more advanced device in my opinion, but Sony is bringing together a somewhat compelling user experience in a similar form factor. It’s too darn bad the mylo doesn’t have Bluetooth so you could pair it with a phone for a connection, like you can with the N800 and N810.