(Not so?) Breaking: Boingo client for Mac OS X arrives!


I got word from the Boingo folks that they’re going to officially announce this news on Tuesday, but since we like to be ahead of the curve, you’ll get the scoop early. Next week, the wireless hotspot service will launch their Boingo Wireless Client for Mac OS X devices. This client will join the already existing ones for Windows 2000 (SP4), XP, and Vista plus mobile devices like Windows Mobile 5/6, Nokia S60 devices, and Nokia Internet Tablets.

Here’s the interesting part: you can actually grab the Mac client right now on the Boingo download page. I just did, but I’m in the home office at the moment and can’t try it out. If all works as planned, my Mac should automatically detect and connect to WiFi when it’s within range of a Boingo hotspot. With over 100,000 of ’em out there, it’s pretty wide ranging network of hotspots. Of course, the wireless goodness isn’t free. Monthly plans for your Mac or PC start at $21.95 a month while your PDA or smartphone will run you $7.95 a month. For folks that don’t have, want or can’t get 3G, this isn’t a bad price for connectivity on the road, pending service availability in your area of course.

Update: since I don’t use the Mac when out and about – did I miss the fact the Boingo had a Mac client already?!? I’ve got an inquiry in to the Boingo folks on this version…