On-demand Reservationless Toll-Free Teleconferencing

FreeConferenceIf you are looking for on demand, toll-free conference call services, look no further. FreeConference announced this week that they now offer On-Demand Reservationless Toll Free Premium 800 service.

FreeConference has been offering free teleconferencing services for years. Their free packages, Web-Scheduled Standard and Reservationless Standard, required all participants using a toll number to dial-in. I’ve used their service many times in the past, as call organizer or participant, and other than paying for the call, it is pretty much a no-brainer.

The company’s original Premium 800 service required scheduling the call, whereas the new “reservationless” package can be set up instantly.

With their new offering, participants call into a 1-800 number and the charge for the reservationless service is 10 cents per minute per user. Add-ons to the package include free conference call recording ($9/month for Web-Scheduled Standard and not offered with Reservationless Standard), 24-hour access that is automated and doesn’t require an operator to set up or connect the call, and toll free customer service.

Calls on the fee-based packages can last up to five hours. Web-Scheduled Standard is maxed at four hours, Reservationless Standard at three.

Global Conference Partners, the company behind FreeConference, will soon be rolling out “On-Demand Reservationless desktop sharing” to add to their suite of conferencing tools.

While many people still turn to teleconferencing via the telephone, there are so many Web-based options out there that provide viable alternatives. I’ll be taking a look at some of the newer Web-based conferencing apps in an upcoming post.