Music Bits: SonyBMG/UMG MP3, Virgin Stalling, Fatboy Slim

SonyBMG/UMG MP3: Digital music retailer 7digital will be taking DRM-free MP3 repertoire from SonyBMG and Universal “imminently”, we can reveal. The label got MP3s from EMI last summer and says sales have grown 300 percent since it took same from Warner this March. SonyBMG had been trying in-store cards that can be redeemed for online MP3s and joined Amazon’s (NSDQ: AMZN) MP3 store, Universal had also trialled DRM-free.

Virgin Media: The ISP is still no closer to launching its own music store. A spokesperson told MediaWeek: “We have been in exploratory discussions with a number of rights holders for some time about the potential for innovative future business models for delivering music to our broadband customers. These discussions, however, remain at an early stage.” It’s currently linking to

FatDrop: The Brighton-based company, which offers a way for artists to send promos to DJs and press over the net instead of by mailing CDs, has signed Fatboy Slim label Skint Records to the service.