Secrets GUI exposes hidden preferences for Mac OS X apps

SecretsprefpaneWhile I’ve had no qualms of mucking about Windows registries for the past half-dozen years, I’m still cautious in Terminal on the Mac. Call me a baby, but working with a command line hasn’t been my forte. I don’t totally avoid it, but I don’t jump in with both feet like I have with other efforts. Maybe that’s why Secrets sounds so doggone appealing to me because it offers a GUI or Graphical User Interface for Mac n00bs like me.

If you hit up the Secrets site, you can actually get all of the command line entries for various application tweaks, but I downloaded and installed the 138 KB beta. It sits in your Preference Pane on the Mac and has tons of application tweaks for Address Book, Grab, Spotlight, Mail and so much more. Prior to my web-only challenge on the UMPC, I was using my Mac heavily for blogging at home and one of the most used apps was Grab for image captures. Unfortunately, Grab’s default file save is TIFF format, which I can’t use for the blog. With Secrets, I can "run" the command to change Grab’s default file format to PNG, JPG or anything else I need, for example.

Think of Secrets as a set of extended preferences for many of your Mac apps; sure you could hop into Terminal and do the same thing, but if a command line makes you squeamish, this freebie is worth the download. Look for it at the top of the Secrets page: it’s Pref. Pane 1.05 (beta) for Mac OS X 10.5.

(via Download Squad)