Song Summoner: Finally an RPG on Your iPod

Legendary game designer Square Enix has just released a game for the regular old iPods. They must have been feeling left out with all of this attention devoted to the iPhone 3G.

It is a turn-based game that allows you to battle enemies as the musical conductor, Ziggy. The songs on your iPod become the army you command. Using a turn-based tactics format, the usual for RPGs, Ziggy fights to save his brother Zero from the “Mechanical Militia.”

If you are getting beat, you can power up your characters (Tune Troopers) by listening to the music that created them. Play Points add skills and levels to your troopers as you listen to your favorite songs. The skills and abilities they have is based on the kind of song they are created from.

This game is huge, coming in at 129 MB, much bigger than any other game currently offered in the iTunes Store. It will cost you $5 and you can download it here (iTunes Store Link).