First-gen iPhone owners: is the 2.0 firmware, App Store enough for you?

Iphone_3g_trioAs the iPhone hoopla slowly dies down, there’s an interesting question I have to ask before we get back to a wider range of mobile tech coverage. Mainly, I’m looking for opinions of folks that have or had first-gen iPhones like I do. I didn’t upgrade for basic reasons (spotty HSDPA in my area, $15 more per month for data/TXT than I currently pay) and yet, I essentially have the same software as the iPhone 3G thanks to my unofficial, pre-release upgrade a day early.

I can only speak for myself of course, but I feel pretty good about my handset right now. Yes, 3G would be nice, but I have that with my USB modem and all of my other computing devices. When I need full-speed on the road, I have it, just not on my phone. It’s worth reiterating what we said prior: the updated firmware and the App Store are the bigger stories over hardware that was incrementally upgraded. I’m thoroughly enjoying the various apps I’ve installed: all free, except for that blatently-addicting monkey in a bubble game… I’m on Dramamine to combat the visuals! The device is more… "complete" is the word that comes to mind. I have additional opportunities to use it thanks to the apps, for example.

That’s just my opinion on my purchase from a year ago. I’m very curious how other first-gen iPhone owners feel. Did you keep your existing device and if so, are you still contemplating an upgrade to 3G or does the upgraded software / functionalty keep you happy? Or did you upgrade because you really had to have that faster data connection? In the end, it’s a personal choice… just wondering about the thought process here.