Opera Mobile 9.5 delayed

We thought Opera Mobile 9.5 beta would be out by now but according to the Opera Mobile blog they have encountered some last minute show-stopping bugs that will delay its release to the public.  Opera Mobile 9.5 looks to be a killer mobile browser that will give the iPhone’s Safari browser a real test but until we can get our hands on it that just won’t happen. 

Some things in life don’t go according to plan — at least not insoftware development. We knew when we announced a release date beforewe finished development that a showstopper bug might be found thatcould alter the actual date we release the beta.

As you canimagine, we encountered a few bugs last week that we needed to fixbefore we launch. Our engineering team worked through the weekend tofix the bugs. Even though our release is a beta, we’d rather spend theextra time to fix them, thus giving you a better experience. The fixesare almost complete now, but we need two more days to run the buildthrough our quality assurance testing. The new launch date is now setfor the 17th.

We’re disappointed to delay, but fixing these bugs will improve the experience with our beta and let you fully test the browser.