UK Ad Spend Slowing — But Not As Badly As Traditional Media

In line with many other reports over the past few weeks focusing on the U.S., the U.K.’s ad market looks pretty dim too these days. The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising and Markit Economics, in their Q2 Bellwether report, say that ad spend going to to online marketing and search in the U.K. were at its slowest pace in five years, ClickZ reported. Digital expenditures up just 6 percent in Q2 compared with a 21 percent rise in Q1 from Q407. For the 250 marketers asked about spending increases, 19 percent said online ad spend rose in Q2; 27 percent said the same in Q1. Also, 12 percent spent less online in Q2, while only 5 percent said they pulled back in Q1. On the bright side, the IPA release noted that all marketing sectors saw budget cuts with the exception of the internet. That said, Q2 saw the smallest upward revision since 2003.