Hands-on with VooDoo Envy’s Instant On function

OK, I am officially ticked off at HP.  I have been banging on the table ever since the super-cool VooDoo Envy was announced to get my hands on one and all I’ve gotten are excuses.  I took HP at their word that there were none available to shoot me so I could get my grubby little hands on one but what do I see now?  Laptop Magazine has one in their office, and they’ve had it long enough to shoot a video of the Splashtop-like instant on functionality of the Envy.  The Envy has a special kernel of Linux embedded so that you can power up and be in many of the communications and entertainment functions in just a few seconds.  Check it out in the video and you’ll see why Laptop calls it a "game-changing feature".  And that VooDoo Envy looks soooo goooood.  I am so ticked off at you, HP.   Oh wait, I see Laptop’s had it long enough to do an unboxing too!  Grumble, grumble.