Tesla’s Former PR Director Files Lawsuit

The San Mateo, California county court database is seeing its fair share of lawsuits dealing with electric car startup Tesla Motors. First the suit Tesla filed against competitor Fisker, then Magna’s suit against Tesla for an alleged breach of contract — now CNET reports that the company’s former director of public relations, David Vespremi, has filed a class action lawsuit against Tesla.

Vespremi, who joined Tesla in February 2007 and was laid off at the end of last year, alleges that Tesla violated terms of his employment, did not act in good faith and fair dealing, violated California labor codes, failed to pay wages owed, and practiced fraudulent business practices. In addition Vespremi is suing for libel and slander because of remarks that Tesla execs said to the press.

The suit doesn’t name other members of the class, but says it includes Tesla current and former employees that had the same terms of employment as Vespermi. The suit was filed July 11 and the claims will not exceed $75,000.

Image courtesy of Tesla’s corporate blog.