Open Thread: What Paper Are You Stuck With?

We’ve discussed the paperless office before, and some of us have made strides in that direction. This year so far my accumulated office paper makes a stack only about two inches high (primarily contracts and tax documents) – everything else has been scanned and shredded. But still, I seem to be as far from web worker paperless nirvana as ever, thanks to the other paper in my life.

Where is all this paper? For me, it’s grocery lists, phone books I didn’t want, sections of the local dead-tree newspaper I never read, junk mail, and packing slips – among other things. The more of this I shred and recycle, the less I feel like web working is actually helping the planet. So, two questions for you folks this week: What paper are you still stuck with? And what creative solutions have you found for getting rid of it?