RSS Feed of New Apps

Pinch Media is a small company that serves iPhone developers (and iPhone users). They are located in New York and get a kick out of tracking and analyzing App Store data. They measure the percentage of free apps and things like that. They don’t have any of Apple’s sales data, or anything like that, but they do organize a lot of user-side data. It is pretty interesting, and fun to watch.

Today, however, they released something that will benefit a lot of users: an RSS feed of new apps.

Whenever a new App is updated, this RSS feed tells you. It gives you the name of the app, the category, release date, price, and a link to the app’s page in the App Store. They are working on including the description as well.

Pinch media offers a similar feed for updated apps as well. In addition to those two feeds, you can also get a daily list of the top 100 paid and top 100 free apps. Be forewarned: the top 100 apps will show up as 100 different items, so your reader might explode.