Google Proposes Hosting Bengali Literature And Movies

Google (NSDQ: GOOG) is planning to host Bengali movies on YouTube as well as post literary works of renowned novelists on the web. As per the release, West Bengal IT Minister Debesh Das is quoted as stating Google has evinced an interest to include Bengali classical literature and movies in its web-based applications. Google already has a Bangla version of search.

The books will presumably be searchable through Google’s controversial Book Search project. It already indexes English texts on popular Bengali writers such as Tagore. This could possibly be the first of a much larger effort to digitize and make searchable large troves of India’s multi-lingual literature, most of which must be long out-of-print. Nothing special about the movies, they will be hosted on YouTube. I guess there will be better edits and deeper content if the proposal takes shape, otherwise, there is already plenty of Bengali content out there.

As an interesting aside, Google has offered to maintain mail accounts of all ministers and top state government officials. I can only imagine the kind of ads GMail would throw up.