C-61 in 61 Seconds

About a month ago, we mentioned the danger in taking your iPod, iPhone, or Mac across the northern border into Canada. Now there is a ground swell led by Michael Geist, a lawyer, blogger, columnist, and professor at the University of Ottowa opposing Bill C-61:

Canadian Industry Minister Jim Prentice introduced Bill C-61, which many have dubbed the Canadian DMCA, in June 2008. There was an immediate outcry from thousands of Canadians concerned that the bill would render illegal every day activities and harm both consumers and businesses.

Prentice is trying to put a stranglehold on Canadian’s fair use of copyrighted materials, much like we are already forced into compliance here in the US. Geist is trying to allow fair copyright laws that allow people to retain the “right to use their property – whether music, videos or other content – in a fair manner without the law painting them as infringers for personal uses.” You can go to his website to learn more about what problems arise with the bill, including the “triple-lock” that locks consumers into a contract with Rogers for their iPhones.

Geist is using the power of the internet to create a forum for voicing your opinions about the inane bill. He asks people to respond to his YouTube video to speak out against any aspect of the bill. The important issue is that people who are working hard to help maintain our digital lifestyles need to be supported by us. Take some time and at least check out his website and the video. You can also join the Facebook group that is over 80,000 strong. Let’s hope our brothers and sisters up north get spared from death sentence on digital content and devices.

Hat tip to Alec Couros.