Husky Claims CTRs Through the Roof

The folks at Husky Media, the advertising tools provider, let us know they are seeing unusually high click-through rates in their first month in business. Husky’s service provides a “video skin” that gives advertisers unusual prominence. When a viewer clicks to play a video, the rest of the browser window gets swapped out for a background devoted to an advertiser with the video playing in the middle.

Apparently this pays off, because Husky’s average click-through rate is 3 percent (the industry average CTR is usually less than 1 percent). For a particularly effective Samsung campaign, the Husky CTR was 4.46 percent, while Husky’s least popular campaign was for the Army, with a CTR of 2.3 percent. (Update: See Husky blog post here.)

Husky has about 100 sites signed up to display the ads, with 30 live already, most notably

The downside? I’m not sure consumers enjoy having their screens taken over when they’d rather be multitasking — for example, I tend to like to scroll through the comments while a video plays. And Heavy/Husky co-CEO David Carson told us the reason for the high CTRs may simply be that users of Husky’s network of sites haven’t seen this type of ad before — which could mean they’ll be less effective over time. “When we first started with video skins on Heavy they were very high, right around that range, but they ended up settling at 1.5 [percent], so I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up settling there.”

Anyways, let us know what else you’re seeing out there. Are any particular video ad formats breaking out from the pack?