Is iPhone The New Gaming Platform?

Last July, at the time of the launch of the new iPhone, we asked the question, where are the iPhone games? Looks like we have an answer: they are coming, and in a big way. Of course, you can already buy Tetris and grab Tap Tap Revenge, the No. 1 free app, for, well, free, but the big commercial games are going to be hitting the iTunes App store soon, according to news coming out of the E3 game conference down in LA.

As BusinessWeek points out, Apple made a big splashdown at E3 without even clocking in a presence. That reminds me of its looming presence at the CES trade show every year without setting a foot in Las Vegas. Electronic Arts executives said they’re going to be making Spore, Tiger Woods & Need For Speed for the iPhone platform. SEGA America president Simon Jeffery pointed out that iPhone was as powerful as the Dreamcast player. SEGA has released Sega Super Monkey Ball and plans on releasing more games.

We aren’t surprised, and we have consistently said that iPhone could cause a major tremor in the mobile gaming market. According to data collected by Cellufun, AOL’s designated mobile game portal, “iPhone gamers are generating four times the number of page views” or about “an average of 21 minutes of game play and 65 page views per iPhone player session, compared to 11 minutes and 15 page views for sessions on other phones.” Wagner had predicted that the Nintendo DS and iPhone are most certainly on a collision course, and looks like he is right on track. I think iPhone is going to eat into handheld console revenues, at the same time reignite interest in mobile games.

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