The Smart Car visits Mobile Tech Manor

Today’s gas prices have a lot of people concerned about how much they spend on transportation and it is such a great concern that even folks who you wouldn’t expect to take drastic action are doing so.  I witnessed this first-hand as a friend of mine dropped by Mobile Tech Manor last night to show off their new purchase they had taken delivery of this weekend.  This friend has a "ranch" up-state for retirement and he and his wife drive up there every weekend to work it.  They have always driven the typical Texas giant pickup truck but the cost of the weekly trip has been cutting deep ruts in their pocketbooks for a while.  These folks were showing off the results of their fear about gas costs, the new Smart Car they had purchased.  It was the first one I had seen close up and it was the first chance I’ve had to sit inside one of the little cars.  I must say it is quite a different experience.


This car is so small, it’s not much longer than a bicycle.  My friend says it has a 3-cylinder engine and they are seeing 45 miles per gallon on the highway.  That’s a very good thing, not only due to the high cost of gasoline but also because the gas tank only holds 8 gallons.  I have to be honest and state that I would have felt claustrophobic in the little car had the top not been down leaving the car open to the sky but all in all I am impressed with the build quality of the Smart Car.  This car would be a breeze to park anywhere too.