Earnings: Rediff Quartely Revs Up 22 Percent, Op EBITDA Spikes

Rediff (NSDQ: REDF) has reported Q2 revenue of $8.32 million, a 22 percent increase from a year ago, helped by strong, 42 percent growth at the company’s India Online division. On the US Publishing side, revenue declined 19 percent to $1.76 million. Helped by a slightly expanded gross margin, and moderate growth in operating expenses, operating EBITDA shot up 80 percent to $1.1 million from $610,000. Actual net income was down, but the numbers are incomparable due to an investment sale in the year-ago period. In addition to the financial figures, the company trotted out several users stats, including 13 percent growth in unique users in just the last three months. Release.

Rediff’s earnings statement details: