Spain’s Telecinco TV Net Claims Victory In YouTube Copyright Injunction

Spain’s Telecinco TV channel has claimed victory in its legal case against YouTube. The formal result is not yet out but, citing “judicial sources”, Telecinco says a Madrid court granted an injunction to stop the video site distributing its shows “without express authorisation”.

The national network brought the case last month, arguing YouTube was hurting it by airing episodes of popular TV shows to which it has rights before it shows them in Spain (ie. US drama imports).

A YouTube spokesperson told paidContent:UK: “We have not yet received an official decision from the judge, but YouTube respects the legal rights of copyright holders. Rather than filing legal motions, we are happy to work with any content owners to remove their content. We have hundreds of partners in Europe and thousands around the world who take advantage of the latest technologies we have developed to help them effectively protect and manage their content on the site.”

YouTube had said earlier said the TV channel hadn