Facebook Connect for Mobiles to Come This Fall, With iPhone Support

Fresh off their launch of Facebook Connect at their second developer conference, the social networking company is going to launch a mobile version of the Facebook Connect this fall, Jed Stremel, director of mobile for Facebook, said in a chat today. The Palo Alto, Calif.-based company is going to release the code of their entire “mobile subsystem” he said.

This will allow developers to add Facebook’s social graph into their applications. Stremel said the company was going to release the code first for iPhone, mostly because they have been contacted by various developers who want to build social features into their iPhone and iPod Touch apps. The company will shift attention to other platforms later, he added.

When I asked how it’s different from Facebook Connect for the web, he said that instead of just technical protocols, the company is going to give out the entire code so people can drop it into their applications and have consistency with Facebook’s own mobile applications.

Stremel said that mobile has been a huge winner for the company. They have doubled the number of active mobile users in the past six months, and the growth trajectory is getting even more momentum. Facebook has about 10 million active users every month.

The introduction of FC for mobiles would mean that a lot of applications that are now static will have a social networking element built into them. It could help games get more social, and that is why Stremel expects a lot of iPhone game developers to quickly embrace this FC for mobiles.

“With Facebook Connect for mobiles you can find people who are online and play with them,” he said. Of course, this opens up the possibility of extending Facebook games to the mobile domain, allowing for cross-platform (mobile and web) play.

Stremel was clear in saying that the company was staying away from advertising on mobiles for now, a statement reminiscent of founder/CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s comments about monetization being a low priority right now. I think Facebook Connect for mobiles makes their overall plan even more potent, since it brings back even more personal data back to the Facebook brain.