Working anywhere- a road warrior’s delight

Workinganywhere_logoI don’t do a lot of business travel anymore but in the past I have done my share of it and anything I could find to help me out made that a lot easier.  One of the most mobile road warriors I know is Andy Abramson who runs an entire multi-national company out of a travel bag.  I’m not exaggerating, one never knows where Andy is on a given day and that’s a true testament to the tools he uses.  Andy is sharing those tools with like-minded folks and road warriors would do well to bookmark Andy’s Working Anywhere blog.  Andy has posted some gems that handle everything from teleconferencing to a service that ships your luggage ahead on trips to save you the headache.  Check out Working Anywhere and whatever you do, don’t miss the Tablet Hotels information.  I had never heard of them but what a great tool for the mobile professional.

(via The Mobile Gadgeteer)