Round-Up: BBC Music, Aardman Wii Game, AOL/Bebo

BBC: Beeb developers have unveiled a better way to discover music being played across the broadcaster’s outlets. The /Music section has added persistent artist profile pages that show which DJs play which musicians most (if you like R.E.M., for example, you’ll want to hear 6Music’s Chris Hawkins). The pages also pull biographical, discography and historical info pulled from “community music metadatabase” MusicBrainz. Developers and Matthew Shorter and Tom Scott have all the info.

Wallace & Gromit: Aardman’s best-loved characters are getting a video game release on WiiWare and PC. The game will be handled by California’s Telltale, also responsible for Strong Bad’s Game For Attractive People, an episodic series released on the Wii download platform based on the Homestar Runner Flash cartoons.

AOL/Bebo: AOL (NYSE: TWX) jumped six places in comScore’s (NSDQ: SCOR) list of highest-trafficked UK sites, thanks to its earlier acquisition of Bebo; it leapfrogged the likes of Facebook and MySpace to settle sixth in June, just behind BBC. Big Brother drove 32 percent more users to and Guardian got 14 percent more users after combining SEO with marketing and pay-per-click.