Dr. Horrible Online Again for Free

Like all good supervillains, Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog has resurfaced, and is now available for free online over at Hulu. This is a bit of a surprise as Horrible was only supposed to be available for free online for a few days before vanishing and re-emerging as a paid download or DVD. At least this time around, the audience will earn Whedon a few bucks in ad revenue.

The entire series is presented as one movie, so you can watch the whole thing in one sitting. But you better be quick. Just like last time, Dr. Horrible will only be available on Hulu for a week for four months. Whedon even wrote the introductory blog post for the vid site:

“Point being, HULU hosted Dr. Horrible for free for a week, which we, the mushortio-makers, are forever grateful for, and now you can stream it for free on their site. How awesome is that? I know, you’re humbled. Stop groveling. Just remember: the more you watch it, the more you will understand about life and the universe and hydroponics. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry…. and you just might learn long division. With songs! PLEASE watch it. We’re so lonely…”

And since we’re catching up with the Horrible crew, ReelPop Blog reports that Felicia Day, who played Penny in the series, will write and star in a new online series for Machinima.com. The comedy will take place inside a video game with individual episodes eventually packed together to form a half-hour pilot. (Guess we should add that to the list of sci-fi shows storming the web.)