Broadband Content Bits: Blinkx TV Guide, VOD Regulation, Sky On iTunes

Blinkx: Yet another product launch from the video search index – today it debuted a TV listings guide. Blinkx Remote merely links to programme pages on broadcaster websites. But, listing just five of the UK’s seven public service broadcasters only, it’s not as complete as rivals like 123webtv or

VOD Regulation: The Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) wants a co-regulator to be created to regulate VOD on TV and PC under Ofcom’s auspices. The body must be created to comply with Europe’s Audiovisual Media Services directive and would cost an estimated £1.72 million annually. It could be good news for the Association of Television On Demand (ATVOD), which already groups industry players for the purpose of self-regulation. The DCMS published a consultation on the matter. Consultation papers here.

Sky: In a particularly limited display, Sky One has – almost apologetically – started selling programmes in a new section of iTunes Store. Only US imports 24 and Bones are available, for £1.89 each, ie. about the same as a DVD set.