Mobile computing problem of the day


Well this could drain my productivity today. For no reason that I can think of, Firefox 3 has become very unstable: pegging the CPU and wildly swinging memory usage from 150MB to over 700 MB for no apparent reason. The browser can just sit there idle and yet the memory swing is up to a half-gig! I snapped the above shot after starting Firefox up along with three tabs, for example. The strange behavior started yesterday afternoon when I had to manually kill the firefox.exe process three consecutive times in less than a half hour due to no program response.

After a reboot this morning (my first in about a week), I was hoping the issue would disappear, but no luck so far. I haven’t installed any apps nor extensions, so no changes were made that I can think of. About the only change I knowingly did was to plug in a USB headset which did install a new device in Vista. I can’t see why that would do anything to Firefox, but I’ll be uninstalling my Plantronics headset just to see what happens. Oy!