All your data are belong to us

Uns_161This is not a new policy but one that is getting people’s attention because Homeland Security is now admitting it publicly.  It seems that anyone travelling into the US, and that includes US citizens, can have their laptops, PDAs or phones confiscated upon entry into the country.  They can be held for a "reasonable" period after which they must be returned to the owner.  They can search all of the data looking for anything suspicious and the sad part is that they do not need to have any suspicions of wrong-doing prior to the equipment confiscations.  It’s sort of like if you tick off the govenment employees they can take your stuff.  Homeland Security assures us that they will destroy any data they searched during the confiscation but they can keep any notes they took while looking at it.  Ouch, once again it appears that we’ve already lost that war.

(via Yahoo News)