I Always Feel Like My ISP’s Watching Me

Today the FCC took issue with how Comcast managed its network, essentially it looked at the packets and blocked or throttled those related to peer-to-peer applications on the upload side. If you thought warrantless wiretapping was intrusive, think about all the information you send and receive via data packets.

We’ve tracked a lot of these rather disheartening developments in previous posts, but after Google declared privacy a mythical construct, we thought we’d drive it home. Here are three ways your ISP monitors (quite literally) your data and seeks to control or monetize it.

So as not to leave you feeling too powerless (or totally reliant on Congress actually making any changes to protect your privacy) the Electronic Frontier Foundation has released some open source software called Switzerland, designed to help Internet users detect if their ISP is mucking around with their packets. There’s a network effect benefit here, because the more machines have the software, the easier it is to test what happens to your packets en route.