Mobilize Startup Launchpad: Do You Have the Right (Mobile) Stuff?

Are you running a mobile startup, or know someone who is, that has (with a nod to Tom Wolfe) “The Right Stuff”? GigaOM is looking for the emerging technologies — and the companies behind them — upon which the new era of the mobile web will be built. So at our upcoming Mobilize conference on Sept. 18, we will have a startup “launchpad,” where 12 of the most promising mobile web startups will get to strut their stuff.

If you think your startup, or the startup of someone you know, has the right stuff, tell us about it. Just keep in mind the following:

  • The idea or product must be good. No J2ME creations of 80s arcade classics, please.
  • The startup or idea must be less than 12 months old.
  • A working product has either been launched or will launch at Mobilize (preference given to latter).
  • Someone from the company must be able to attend the ceremony in person.
  • Funding status is immaterial.

Please include the following details: Startup name and bio (200 words max), product description (200 words max), name and bio of company rep (100 words max). Email us at [email protected]

Tickets for Mobilize have gone on sale; register now for an early-bird discount.