Social.FM shuts down: one less mobile streaming service

Mercora_mI’m sad to see Social.FM close its virtual doors. This is the music streaming service formerly known as Mercora that we’ve covered a time or two. In my testing with the service on different Windows Mobile handsets, I found it to meet my needs as a music subscription service. Sure there’s other mobile audio choices out there, but I’d rather see more choices than less choices.

If I recall, the service was $49 a year, which is much less than many competitors, but perhaps, that was also the downfall. With royalties for Internet streaming, perhaps Social.FM had more expenses than revs? Hard to say, but this also ties in with my recent reassessment of my XM subscription service. I’m 90% sure that I’m dropping it and saving the $13 a month. With two iPhones in the house, either of which could run through the car stereo, and the free Pandora client on all of my computers and my phone, I think I’ll listen to digital music on the cheap for a while.