Sprint Cup racing comes to AT&T, Verizon Wireless handsets

Nascar_logoFor the month of August, handset owners on the AT&T and Verizon Wireless network can watch Sprint Cup NASCAR racing. No it isn’t free, but it’s interesting to me simply because I remember the brouhaha over the #31 then Cingular car and the big commotion it caused when NASCAR’s title sponsor became Sprint-Nextel. Yes, they were actually legally fighting against Jeff Burton’s sponsorship deal with Cingular as it was a business competitor to Sprint. Sheesh… and I thought the catfights between drivers was bad!

So here’s the deal: AT&T customers that have a Mobile TV subscription and VZW folks with paid VCast services can catch live race coverage of four Sprint Cup and two Nationwide cup races. Aside from the wireless carrier sponsors, does anyone besides me find it amusing that a crash-filled auto-racing series is sponsored by Nationwide, a company that sells auto insurance? I’m betting they don’t insure the race participants. 😉