The Haunting – Trial Accounts That Wouldn’t Die

As I move about the web looking for applications and services to test and review, I appreciate that most offer a free basic plan. I really like this because the marketing, screencasts and FAQs can only do so much.

There really is nothing is as effective as taking something out for a spin to get a sense of how it works or how it fits into your routine. Also, for my articles here I like to provide experiential reviews, not just a regurgitation of a press release.

So I create an account, enter in some test data, a fake project, dummy tasks, imitation contacts, whatever. I putter around for a bit and then I likely abandon it. Either it doesn’t work, I don’t really need it, it was just for a review, there could be a number of reasons really. I would say that there are hundreds of accounts I have left behind with services I have no intention of revisiting.

But these accounts don’t really die – they continue to haunt me.

Some send me daily updates on my fake projects or reminders for dummy tasks overdue. Ima Testuser has yet another birthday! They let me know that they have updated their service or added a new feature. A redesign, more file space, blah blah blah.

But I’m done. I came, I saw, I wasn’t impressed and I left. If after 90 days I haven’t decided that your alerts about my “test task 1” being overdue are worthy of a single login, it should be safe for you to assume that I’m really not all that concerned about it.

I know I could likely go back change my alert settings or delete my account entirely but that entails visiting the site, remembering or retrieving a password, navigating settings screens, etc..

How about giving me a link in the email to do this? A one click unsubscribe master account “delete me” button that lets me opt out once and for all with no fuss.

Please let my account die gracefully, peacefully and with dignity. Your attempts to revive it only embarrass it and highlight its failures. We’ll both be better off this way.

Do you have trial accounts that still pester you? How do you get rid of them once and for all?