Blonde Revenge: John McCain vs. Paris Hilton (via Adam McKay)

I’m stunned to be asking myself this question, but here goes: “Do I have to like Paris Hilton now?” The “celebutard” is an easy punching bag, but she has, on occasion, exhibited a certain degree of self-awareness — and in this Funny or Die exclusive, she’s definitely aware that there’s an election in full swing:

Riffing off Sen. John McCain’s not very accurate comparison between Barack Obama and celebrities such as herself, Hilton sounds off on McCain’s age and energy plans, and is actually very funny. Of course, Hilton isn’t the creative force behind this video — it’s a collaboration between Landlord creator Adam McKay and Chris Henchy, and is directed by Jake Szymanski. David Sarno of the LA Times spoke with McKay, who said he latched onto the idea of Hilton creating a response ad and was able to get her on board the project within hours. “McCain made one huge mistake: He drifted into the world of pop culture. And that’s Paris’ world,” McKay said.

Funny or Die isn’t the only one taking aim at McCain — Barely Political took a different approach with their humble suggestion of Britney Spears as a potential running mate:

I’ve praised McCain for finally taking online video seriously, but when it comes to invoking famous blondes, McCain is an amateur.