Bringing 3D TV to the Home

Forget HD. In its perpetual quest to provide bigger and better entertainment (and to sell new gear), the consumer electronics industry is pushing 3D televisions. But first it needs to figure how to deliver the 3D tech and what types of standards need to be set so the experience is the same as that of 3D movies. The Entertainment Technology Center at the University of Southern California said it has formed a 3D working group to solve some of these issues, and plans to make an announcement regarding the group in the coming days.

The effort, chaired by a representative from Dolby Labs, will also involve the major movie studios and consumer device makers. A spokeswoman for the ETC said each year the center focuses on a new technology, and this year that focus will be 3D for televisions. “3D is going to become more and more pervasive and we need to know how to carry it all the way from the theater into your home and what products will be best for the consumer in the end,” she said.

We’re eager to learn more, and 3D is certainly on the minds of movie makers. Last month, the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers formed a 3D task force to address the appropriate standards to deliver 3D content to the home via cable, DVDs, the web and other formats. My guess is if we think HD content requires a lot of data, 3D is going to blow our bandwidth caps out of the water.

Hat Tip to EEtimes

photo courtesy of nickstone333 via Flickr