jkOnTheRun Geek Session- Acer Aspire One first look

I knew when Kevin posted that Circuit City was carrying the new Acer Aspire One netbook in their brick and mortar stores that it wouldn’t be long before he’d run out and grab one.  That’s exactly what he did and today he brought one of these nice blue mini-notebooks home so we sat down and had a video chat about it.  Kevin unboxed it and showed us everything you could want to know about the Aspire One and showed us all how fast you can take one of these Linux-based netbooks out of the box and get productive.  Have a look at the Acer and see if you think it’s worth the $379 Kevin paid for it.  I think it is.  I also like the Lazy Susan fixture on the bottom of the Aspire One, I think that should come in handy.