It’s Showtime for Tiered Broadband

The two-month grace period is ending for Time Warner Cable customers in Beaumont, Texas, who are part of the ISPs tiered broadband trials. A spokesman for Time Warner Cable declined to comment but confirmed that residents would soon see bills reflecting the $1 per gigabyte overage charge for those who have consumed more than the 5 GB allowed under the $29.95 plan all the way up to the 40 GB allowed under the $54.90 plan. Now they’ll have to pay them.

Last month, Karl over at DSL Reports also pointed out that new customers signing up for a triple play package containing the standard Road Runner service of 7 Mbps speeds for downloads will also get a 20 GB cap disclosed in the fine print. The Time Warner Cable spokesman wouldn’t disclose how many people had signed up for each plan, how many people have gone over their caps so far in the trials or when the trial would end. Beaumont isn’t exactly a hotbed of technology workers (it is, however, the home of billions in oil refinery assets and the nation’s fourth largest cargo port), so perhaps there are few users bumping up against the cap. Anyone out there affected so far?

image courtesy of the Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce