CNET: We’re Gettin’ It Done, Under CBS

CBS Interactive (NYSE: CBS), the don’t-call-us-CNET (NSDQ: CNET), has reported some Comscore (NSDQ: SCOR) numbers on its first month under the CBS brand after the integration of CBS Interactive and CNET Networks, and at least on the traffic side, all this integration and TV-and-radio callout seems to be helping:

— posted a 22 percent increase in unique visitors over July 2007…they says this is “pointing to early success of its beta release”, which launched in June and officially launches later this month, as well as the “success of early integration programs such as CNET and CBS coverage of the iPhone.” How much increase is it from last month, not a year ago, and how much of this is the iPhone bump?
— had a 32 percent increase in unique users over the previous month, the largest among broadcast network TV websites, it claims. Interesting number, but what accounts for it? The fact that people didn’t have anything to watch on TV during summer and went to the site to view older episodes?
— posted a 20 percent increase in unique visitors from last month and a 36 percent increase in user-engagement since last month