A Family Circus, A Physics Rap: NTV Station Today

The tradition of white people rapping is a time-honored one in online video, but it’s not often that a woman gets to rock the mike — and even rarer that she gets to rap about particle physics in a really charming and funny way. Large Hadron Rap might be slightly amateurish in execution, but given that the creators of this video are playing around with the elements that literally hold our universe together, I’m okay with them focusing their knowledge on researching dark matter and not on properly mixing sound levels.

And at NewTeeVee Station, we tell you the truth when something is bad. This is so that when we tell you something is good, you will hopefully believe us. In the case of today’s selection, that is definitely the case. Steve Bryant reviews The Bindlestiffs, an incredibly engaging reality series following a family-run circus struggling to pay the bills and keep the show going. It’s got sword-swallowing, trapeze feats, and gay sideshow acts. You’ll be glad you took a few minutes to check it out.