Download an eBook title, win $500 worth of eBooks or an iPod Touch

EreaderiphoneLike James, I’m definitely consuming more eBook content now that there’s an eReader client application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. I guess the Fictionwise folks don’t believe me when I say that though. Why else would they be having a contest trying to get me to buy more content? Probably because I’m a sucker and besides: I’d be purchasing a new eBook anyway before August 22. 😉

That’s the deal: buy an eBook title on your device from your Fictionwise or eReader account and you’re entered into the contest. A randomly drawn winner receives a $500 store credit. Don’t have an iPhone or iPod Touch to buy a book on? No prob…. just make sure you’re on the newsletter list and log into your account between now and the contest end date. You can win an iPod Touch that way as well. Ten other random winners will receive a $100 store credit, while another hundred lucky folks will get a $10 credit.

I need to drop off and get reading… I’m finding it hard to keep up with my RSS feed of new eReader releases.