Chrysler offering wireless Internet connection in cars

AutonetWe follow the BYOI* concept here at jkOnTheRun, so news that Chrysler is adding an Internet connection option to their 2009 cars builds on that principle. Chrysler’s Uconnect Web is a dealer-installed EV-DO router that creates a WiFi hotspot in your car. The device comes from Autonet Mobile, the same company that offers a similar solution through Avis rental cars at $10.95 a day.

Chrysler will start offering the option on August 25th on all new cars, but the hardware could be retrofitted into earlier models as well. What’s the price for the privilege of connecting to the Internet with your phone, PC, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP and whatever else you have in the car? Expect to pay around $450 for the device, plus an installation fee and a $29 monthly service charge. Sounds nice, but I’ll stick with my current EV-DO subscription and share it as needed.

(via CrunchGear)    * = Bring Your Own Internet