Dell e6400- 19 hours battery life = 7.29 lbs.

Dell_e6400Yesterday Dell announced a lot of new business notebooks and what got everyone’s attention was the ability to add battery options that will provide a whopping 19 hours of battery life.  This is awesome for the business traveler who can now plan on working away without concern about finding a power outlet.  I did some speculation about how they will provide that long battery life and some folks didn’t like some assumptions that I made.  Dell stepped in and clarified what they were talking about to provide 19 hours of battery life and some technical information is now online at Dell so here’s what we know so far about how they do it and what it will cost you in weight.  I look at this from a weight perspective because that’s often the biggest factor for "digital nomads" as Dell has termed the road warriors who will want this type of battery life.

Dell pointed out in our comments that the 19 hours of battery life is in reference to the 14.1-inch e6400 that they debuted yesterday.  This is a sweet business laptop that is thin and very well designed.  As Dell pointed out to get 19 hours of battery life you would use the 9-cell extended primary battery coupled with the extra slice battery that snaps onto the bottom of the e6400 (I assume).  Here’s the specs for the 3 pieces you need to get that battery life (from Dell documentation):

e6400 notebook- 4.3 lbs (1.95 kg)
9-cell primary battery- 1.12 lbs (0.51 kg)
12-cell slice battery-  1.87 lbs (0.85 kg)  (14.48 mm thick, 0.57 in thick)

Total weight- 7.29 lbs (3.31 kg)

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that Dell is providing options to extend the battery life as much as possible.  I have long used dual battery configurations that include a slice battery and it’s definitely the way to go to get as much up time between charges as possible.  The technology that Dell is using here is nothing new, however, it’s simply throwing more battery at the run-time problem and that does come at a price in weight as you see.  Is it worth it for the road warrior?  Absolutely!  The digital nomad must be prepared to carry this stuff around though and as you can see at over 7 pounds that is quite a load, considering this doesn’t include accessories like power adapter, etc.  It would still be cool to be able to use the notebook from New York to Japan on a flight, though.  🙂