Different IMs For Different Folks

Jeff LaPorte, co-founder and chief architect at EQO Communications, has come-up with an IM Map of the world using his company’s IM interconnect capability, showing each country seems to have a preference for a different IM network.

For instance, 77.18 percent of Argentineans love MSN, followed by 9.99 percent who love GTalk. Mexicans (83.72 percent), Brazilians (77.18 percent) Dutch (65.41 percent), French (68.01 percent), Italians (60.45 percent) the Turks (75.6 percent) are all big MSN users. In many parts of Asia, Yahoo is big.

In Germany, however, they heart ICQ, while in the United States AIM (35 percent) still rules with Yahoo (25 percent) and MSN (23.93 percent) getting the silver and the bronze. GTalk has just over 12 percent share in the United States — a surprisingly large number. Another surprising fact about the numbers is how marginal AIM is outside of the States.

My only quibble with this data: Why no Skype, which is a very popular IM client/service across the world? If I remember correctly, EQO started off by offering mobile access to Skype, but later changed its game after being ignored by Skype.