The Daily Sprout

Biowaste-to-Fuel Company Files $100M IPO: Changing World Technologies, a company that turns biowaste — like fats, bones, greases, and feathers — filed to raise up to $100 million in an IPO. The company is taking agriculture waste that has often gone back into the animal feed supply (hello, mad cow) and creates oil that can power vehicles or generate electricity.

Solyndra Angling for $350M For Manufacturing?: Michael Kanellos takes a look into thin film solar startup Solyndra’s risky attempts to raise $350M in convertible funding — Greenlight.

Solar Record! NREL Claims 40.8 Efficient: NREL researchers says they have a world record in solar cell efficiency on their hands; an “inverted metamorphic triple-junction solar cell” that converts 40.8 percent of light that hits it into electricity — NREL press release.

Canadian Solar — Fine Earnings, Not-so-Fine Stock: Shares of Canadian Solar dropped despite solid earnings. Don’t you hate it when that happens? — Forbes.

Mossberg Column Getting Greener: — Mossberg Column writer Katie Boehret does a hands-on review of various gadget buy back and recycling sites. WSJ Mossberg.