Bowman: More Likely To Start For Yankees Than Float MLBAM IPO

Still waiting for an MLB IPO? Better hope Bob Bowman starts practicing his moves as a shortstop. Asked if a public offering is in the offing, the head of Major League Baseball Advanced Media told the WSJ “it is more likely that I will start at shortstop for the Yankees.” Among the other topics covered:

Mobile video & BlackBerrys: Bowman wants the BlackBerry mobile audience: “It’s a data machine and ultimately could become a video machine.” BlackBerry users have downloaded a half million MLB icons — no revenue but “empirical evidence” of the interest. This fall, MLBAM hopes to deliver a video highlight app. No streaming, says Bowman. “To get on that device, to get on something that people are used to looking at quite a bit, even more than their phone, that will be a real shot in the arm for our wireless strategy.”

Sling Media: “So we wish we had a better working relationship with Sling … We share a different view of the legality of what they are encouraging. It is a lawsuit where the loser is the customer. In our view, that is not a winning strategy.” Bowman said Sling Media’s ownership by EchoStar (NSDQ: DISH) offers more opportunity for partnerships.

MLB Network: Will have to change with the advent of the MLB Network? “If we have a 24-hour cable channel, we may want to change it up a little bit.” No details.