For HTC Google Phone Is a Dream

Now that the iPhone 3G is out, it is time to obsess about the next eagerly awaited device, the Google Phone. Now we know that Google isn’t building a device of its own (that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t), but it is much cooler to call it a Google Phone than say Android, which has a certain dweeb ring to it.

Over last few weeks there were reports that the device is delayed till 2009. These reports were followed by more reports saying the device would show up in September, ahead of its planned fourth quarter 2008 launch date. The New York Times is confirming some of the rumors, though the story is scant on greater details, and parts of the story have been reported in bits-and-pieces. Just to recap:

  • It will be made by HTC, well-known for making Windows Mobile phones.
  • It will be called Dream.
  • It is a smartphone with a full five-row keyboard and has a touch screen.
  • It will be sold by T-Mobile. No surprise then that it’s pursuing an Apple-imitating App store strategy.
  • Qualcomm is working with five other phone makers.

Sprint, another carrier who had signed up for this device, is absent and isn’t making any big announcements just yet. AT&T and Verizon are giving it the pass for now, too, it seems. The Google phone was announced in November 2007 after being a subject of intense speculation. Some developers have been increasingly frustrated with the Google Android platform.

I think it would be interesting to see what eventually ends up in the market. There is a video of the device and from the look of it, the device does look a tad clunky.

HTC isn’t quite well known for making phones that are sleek like the new iPhone. Its touch efforts with Windows Mobile are bearable at best, and not even close to the responsiveness of iPhone and Samsung Instinct.

Anyway, I hope Rich Miner, who is a keynote at Mobilize, our conference about the mobile web that is being held in San Francisco on September 18th, will shed some light on the issue and who knows, might actually show up with a real live one. OK, that is just wishful thinking on my part. (PS: Early bird ticket sale for the conference that saves you $200 ends today. Grab your tickets now.)

Video courtesy of BBC via