KickApps Teams with Akamai to Take on White-Labels

Social media platform startup KickApps has signed on the content delivery network Akamai to try to take on Brightcove and Maven Networks and their high-end video publishing tools, the company is announcing Monday.

KickApps’ core product is a platform for media publishers to build communities, like Ning, but now it’s trying to get serious about video in particular. And where other white-label video providers have restricted their focus to one end of the market, KickApps is attempting to serve everybody.

However, it’s not clear that all customers benefit from being served by a single company. Brightcove had initially offered its products to just about everyone, but then shut down its consumer and self-service offerings to focus on the high-end market.

New York City-based KickApps will now offer a video publishing product that’s integrated with Akamai’s “Stream OS” media management system. The Akamai partnership will give KickApps chops for HD deployments, mass video uploads, geo-restrictions and other video-specific tasks. KickApps will continue to charge its customers based on usage and promises that its pricing will be “extremely low.”

It’s not as though KickApps’ competitors aren’t working with CDNs already; for instance, thePlatform has a partnership with Akamai, and Maven, which was bought by Yahoo, has a close relationship with Akamai as well.