Rob Bushway’s daughter Maggie needs your help

From_the_heart_logoRob Bushway of GottaBeMobile is a good friend and right now he needs your help in a major way.  Rob’s daughter Maggie is suffering from complications of a past brain tumor and is not doing very well.  She is in a hospital in Saint Louis and they are about to induce a coma to give her brain a much-needed rest from severe seizures so they can figure out how to treat them.  Rob and his wife Kathi are with Maggie and exhausted and they need your thoughts and prayers to get Maggie through this critical time.  Rob is posting updates on his personal blog and they read all the supporting comments that are left there to Maggie which she greatly enjoys.  Please keep Maggie in your thoughts and prayers and leave some comforting words for the Bushways.  They need it.

This poem is for Maggie- I wrote this for her in the past when she was having some complications and I’m sending it again.  Looking back I sent this to her over 3 years ago so you can see how long little Maggie has been fighting this.

I touched a star today,
I didn’t think I could
it was so far away,
But I touched that star today.

When things seem too much
and I am too tired to go on
I close my eyes
and I see that bright star.

And when I see that star
so high in the sky
I know I can touch it
without batting an eye.

The star gives me joy
and warmth and love
and sends down its beacon
to me from above.

I touched a star today
and knew I was fine
just one touch is all it took
and then that star was mine.

I love my star
and you have one too
just close your eyes
and you will see it too

And once you see your star
so high up in the sky
just reach up and touch it
and you will be fine

I will share my star
with you here today
because you’re so special
in every each and every way

so take care of your star
and it will take care of you
be kind to the star
and it remains true blue

Your friend, James

Get well Maggie.